Summary of legal actions – 5/10/15 – 6/22/20

My efforts to have monuments for Holocaust perpetrators removed began in earnest in 2015 after Mayor Simasius removed artistic monuments glorifying Soviets. I had become aware of the monuments for Holocaust perpetrators via Evaldas Balciunas who brought them to my attention in 2011. I began to address these monuments with Lithuanian officials in 2012, and when I realized the futility of appealing to a non existent moral compass, I turned to the law in 2015.

Following below is an informational list of my legal acts against Holocaust revisionism by the Lithuanian Government. I put this list together to show the universality of rejection of a factual accounting of the Holocaust in Lithuania, and that the rejections are not accidental. These are pre-determined in an encompassing government agenda to distort facts.

For sake of brevity, I have left out multiple additional letters sent to members of the Lithuanian government, including their Foreign Minister, Parliament, past Lithuanian politicians, the Prime Minister, and multiple additional outreach to the Lithuanian Genocide Center (LGGRTC).

5/10/15 – Letter to Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Simasius requesting that he take down the memorial plaque honoring Jonas Noreika. No answer is provided so several follow up notices are sent requesting a response. Over a year later, on 10/21/16 he responds with a declination. He states he does not have the administrative power to make a determination as the City of Vilnius does not own the Monument (this is a lie). He refers the matter to the CEO of the Academy of Science.

7/2/15 – The Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center, an agency of the Lithuanian government (LGGRTC) provides a report to Mayor Simasius stating that Jonas Noreika is totally innocent. They state there is no reliable information that Noreika participated in human rights violations.

7/23/15 – Nineteen Lithuanian intellectuals submit a petition to Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Simasius opposing honors for Noreika. This petition is ignored by the Mayor.

10/2015 – LGGRTC publishes an official memorandum on Noreika declaring him innocent. They send it to heads of governing bodies, the President, Parliament and other government officials.

11/16/2015 – LGGRTC issues a public statement that the signers of the 7/23/15 petition are blaspheming Lithuanian patriots, and this petition is prompted by enemies of the State, Jews and other stupid people.

1/27/17 – Letter submitted to the Lithuanian President reporting the Holocaust denial at LGGRTC. She refers the matter back to LGGRTC to police themselves. She states that the Lithuanian Supreme Court and State Security Department state that all is in good order and no changes are needed.

1/2017 – Request sent to National Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture to investigate if the Noreika monument meets the legal requirements of a Heritage Building site. (It did not). Heritage Department answers something else, ignoring the question asked. Their answer is appealed to the Vilnius County Administrative Court, who dismiss the case on a technicality. Appeal submitted to the Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Court. They grant the appeal and send the case back to the lower court. The lower Court then rejects the case on a different technicality. No further action taken.

2/2017 – Letter sent to President on Kazys Skirpa. A non response response received.

11/2017 – Letter sent to President on Jonas Noreika. A non response response received.

6/2018 – Letter sent to President on Jonas Noreika. A non response response received.

6/2018 – Official request submitted to LGGRTC for them to change their findings on Noreika based upon additional new research provided.

6/18/18 – Request sent to Vilnius Mayor to re-evaluate his decision based upon research findings.

2018 – LGGRTC publishes their response to 6/20 academic study, but not the study itself. Their response does not address any of the documents proving Noreika‘s participation in the Genocide of Jews. In their response, they state they are investigating if a criminal transgression was committed by the submission of the study.

They define the researchers as dilettantes, and not professional historians.

8/2018 – Lawsuit against LGGRTC in the Vilnius County Administrative court requesting the Court to order retraction of the false findings.

8/2018 – Submission to Vilnius Public Prosecutor‘s office to investigate LGGRTC for Holocaust denial. Submission denied.

9/2018 – Second submission to Vilnius Public Prosecutor‘s office to investigate LGGRTC for Holocaust denial. Submission denied.

Between 2017 – 2019 – Three separate requests are submitted to the Ombudsman of the Lithuanian Parliament complaining that the LGGRTC does not answer, will not answer, or answers with false responses. Ombudsman issues recommendation to improve public service order, calls for a later discussion in parliament group. No update ever received.

2/2019 – Ombudsman of the Parliament forwards a complaint about LGGRTC unethical behaviors addressed to him, to the Journalistic Ethics Department. No response has ever been received.

3/27/19 – Court dismissed August 2018 complaint on the grounds that they did not see it as a complaint, but rather, as a request for information. The Court rules that LGGRTC did provide information (it did not). LGGRTC issues an antisemitic statement and declares to the press that the Court reviewed the case on the merits and found that LGGRTC investigated Noreika with a scientific methodology and was entirely accurate.

Government defenses included that I have no material interests in the facts of the case; it would be too expensive to re-print textbooks, and that exposing facts would be embarrassing to Lithuania.

Court awards LGGRTC costs to be paid by Gochin.

4/2019 – The International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania writes an open letter to LGGRTC condemning their findings.

4/2019 – Case appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania.

4/2019 – Letter to Vilnius Mayor Simasius requesting that he rectify the incorrect information about the ownership of the Noreika monument. – No reply.

7/2019 – Law Professor Stanislav Tomas smashes Noreika plaque. Within three days, Mayor Simasius finds the receipts that the City of Vilnius owns the monuments. In 1.5 years in 2015, he was unable to find them. After the April letter, he was also unable to find them, this time, he finds them almost instantly. Tomas is sentenced to 90 days in prison and damages are assessed at over EU2,000 for damaging Vilnius property (that they previously declared they did not own).

9/2019 – New, revised and amended claim is submitted to LGGRTC requesting the dismissal of their Noreika findings.

10/19 – LGGRTC denies application by stating that I did not provide sufficient data to prove that Noreika was a Holocaust perpetrator and states that the submission was not in a proper scientific approach and methodology.

11/2019 – Third submission to Vilnius Public Prosecutor‘s office to investigate LGGRTC for Holocaust denial. Submission denied.

12/2019 – LGGRTC issues new findings claiming that Noreika was in fact, a Jew rescuer. This finding is based on nothing, it is an official finding of the Lithuanian Government and is ridiculed by multiple professional academics in Lithuania. The author of the finding is not a historian but a geologist employed by the government

12/27/19 – the Director of LGGRTC that called the academic researchers “dilettantes” states: “History Education Not Important, Belief in Research Results Is”

1/20 – Request to LGGRTC to dismiss their December findings. Request denied. LGGRTC states that the dismissal request is „unmotivated“ and claims this finding is based on their research. The geologist who wrote it for the government states it was merely his opinion. The finding remains an official finding of the Lithuanian Government.

4/1/20 – Supreme Administrative Court dismisses case without looking at one single fact within the case. They state this does not fall into the scope of Administrative Courts, notwithstanding the defendant is Government budgetary institution. They state that historical publications are not an administrative function, therefore the Vilnius Court was excessive in even stating that LGGRTC answers were sufficient and informative.

Court awards LGGRTC costs to be paid by Gochin.

5/20 – Lawsuit filed against LGGRTC in Vilnius Regional Court requesting the dismissal of three memorandums of findings on Noreika. This replaces the lawsuit dismissed by the Administrative Court.

6/8/20 – Vilnius Regional Court dismisses the case stating that it has no direct impact on plaintiff (me).

6/17/20 – Appeal submitted to the Vilnius District Court.

7/16/20 – Vilnius District Court to hear the appeal.